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School of Liberal Arts


In this school there are seven departments of Video and Movie Art, Digital Media, Digital Communications, Public Art, International Applied Linguistics, Humanity Sciences and Physical Education, as well as a creative cultural study center of Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage, which altogether offer six programs, including Animation Production Technology, Movie and Television Animation, Digital Media Art Designing, Digital Publishing, and Public Art Designing and Business Japanese Language.


Teaching Strength  

This school faculty is composed of 56 members, including seven professors and associate professors, four doctorate degree holders, 47 lecturers, artists and engineers with masters degrees and eight returned students.


Labs and Workshops  

The school has set up 2D Animation Studios, 3D Animation Studios, Folk Art Painting Studios, Stop Motion Animation Workshops, Micro-Video Production Workshops, Digital Interactive Entertainment Workshops, Human-Computer Interaction Workshops, Visual Effect Designing  Workshops Digital Publication for Folk Cultures Workshops, Creative Designing for Spatial Forms Workshops, Public Scenery Creation Workshops, Ethnic Ornament Designing Workshops, Sculpture Workshops, Ceramic Craft Workshops, Folklore Creation Studios, Art Master Creation Workshops, Folk Art Design Database, Bilingual Off-shore Outsourcing Bases on campus.


School-Enterprise Collaboration  

To consolidate the on-campus and off-campus internship bases, the school has established a long-term collaboration with more than 30 enterprises. It has invited such enterprises as Suzhou Dancing Animation Company to join the Campus Creation Corner and to organize job-oriented classes in school. It also takes in adjunct teachers from enterprises and invites projects to enhance the teaching strength and reinforce the teaching programs. Besides, it has built 11 placement practice bases that integrate teaching with technology.


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