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School of International Exchanges and Studies

This school is primarily in charge of the tasks to develop various projects in collaboration with different research institutes and institutions of higher learning in other countries so as to facilitate the assimilation of international courses, running teacher-development programs, setting up overseas internship bases, promoting cultural exchanges and the recruitment of overseas students.


Collaborative Projects

In the USA

SISO and Ohlone College, USA, have developed such collaborative programs as English Language Studies, IT Technology Studies, CISCO Online Teaching, Forums of Teachers and Students, Students Exchanges. In 2016, SISO and California State University signed an agreement to exchange teachers and students.


In England

SISO and Sunderland University, England, have been collaborating for years in the 3+1Top-up Program and the 3+1+1 MA Program.


In Japan

SISO serves as the only recruiting agency in the Yangtze River Delta area for Kyoto College of Informatics.

With the approval by the Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province in 2014, SISO started two collaborative programs with Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), Japan: Embedded Technology and Application Program (Automobile Control) and Business Management Program (Management and Outsourcing of Business Informatics). Having completed their studies (two years in SISO and one year in Japan), the students of the programs will be granted dual diplomas from both colleges and the opportunities to continue their studies in bachelor and master programs.


In Korea

Since 2014, SISO and Daegu University, Korea, have been running programs of Student Exchanges and Teacher Development.


In Singapore

Since its beginning, SISO has been in collaboration with the Nanyang Polytechnic of Science and Technology in Singapore, which has made SISO its overseas   teaching base for student exchange programs.


In Thailand 

SISO has developed some programs for student exchanges in collaboration with the Prince University,a Vocational Institute of Science and Technology,  and a School of the Chinese Language.  A Sino-Thai Vocational Training Center is well under construction in SISO.


In Cambodia

 SISO has successfully signed a memo for collaboration with Sino-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce.


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