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School of NANO Science&Technology


This school offers three programs of Micro-electronic Technology, Biopharmaceutical Technology, and Embedded Technology and Applicationthe last of which is a national key program supported by a government fund of 8 million RMB, while Biopharmaceutical Technology is the only new hi-tech program of life sciences and IT in Chinese vocational colleges and certainly the first pioneering program in Suzhou.


Teaching Strength  

The faculty of the school is composed of 23 members, including six associate professors, one budding scholar of 333 Scheme and three Golden Laketalents.


Labs and Workshops  

The school has completed 11 labs and workshops, among which are robot lab, artificial intelligence lab, internet workshop, Jin Wei Zhi School-Enterprise Internship Base, DNA Sequencing and Genetic Engineering lab.


School-Enterprise Collaboration  

The school has established tight collaborative ties with many enterprises, such state enterprises as Genewiz, Innovent, and High-Tech Institutes of Nano Research and IC Designing of Academy of Science and Technology of China, as well as local star enterprises, including Suzhou Media Corporation, Weswel Artificial Intelligence Co., Ltd., and other pioneering projects run by returned overseas students.


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