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Computer Information Management


To nurture professionals with the following capabilities and qualities: management and maintenance of the information flow based on a good mastery of IT system; the knowledge and skills on database development and management; ability to communicate fluently in English or

Japanese; capacity to undertake the job of database system management, information collection and analysis, designing and management of IT system, E-commerce system and IT Marketing.


IT Management, E-commerce, IT Marketing Core Courses ,C-Language programming, The Front-end Technology Development, IT Implementation & Maintenance, Management Information System, Database Management, PL/SQL Development, PHP Program Designing, Outsourcing Software Procedure, Outsourcing English Japanese.Network Economy&Enterprise Management.

Career Prospects

The graduates are oriented to offshore and onshore outsourcing enterprises, IT companies and E-commerce companies. The job responsibilities include information processing, IT product marketing, and E-commerce planning, designing and practicing.


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