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Business Management(Sino-Japanese Cooperation)


Nurtured with IT skills in business process outsourcing, SAP ERP operation and maintenance, business information development and management, with strong practical ability, the graduates are qualified talents with high-level skills and technical ability to devot themselves to the offshore outsourcing enterises.


Japan-oriented e-commerce, ERP development and implementation, operation and maintenance

Core Courses Courses in SISO, China: Business Practice,Professional Language in Japanese, Japan-oriented Service Outsourcing Project Development and Management, Business Laws and Regulations and the Introduction of E-Commerce, Nine other courses are taught by Japanese


Courses in Japan: Algorithm, Management Information System, the Introduction of E-Commerce, Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Enterprise System Entry, SAP ERP Comprehensive Training Projects, in Japan's Kyoto School of Compute Science.

Career Prospects

Graduates are mainly for positions of offshore outsourcing, business information management, SAP ERP operation, production enterprises and business units, engaging in business information management, SAP ERP operations, Japan business management, Japan business

process outsourcing, website development and IT products and service support.


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