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SISO sets up new "think tank"

The 3rd Development Advisory Committee of SIP Institute of Services Outsourcing (SISO) held its first meeting on Jan 6. The 40 new committee members from government, university and enterprise formally assumed office to give advice on the talent training of service outsourcing industry.

Liu Xin, a CEO born in the 1990s, graduated from SISO in 2014. He made a profit of one million yuan when he started up his business as a student of SISO. The value of his company is estimated to be up to 100 million yuan, and the WeChat interface operated by his team has received over 500 million visits. Liu is the youngest member of his Alma Mater's new advisory committee.

Besides successful entrepreneur like Liu, the 40 members also include government officials, company directors and famous university scholars.

Ma Shuchao, deputy director of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences and director of Higher Vocational Education Development Research Center, was elected director of the new advisory committee.

Founded in January 2010, the Development Advisory Committee is SISO's "expert tank" and "think tank". The 40 experts accepted their letters of appointment at the meeting, marking the establishment of the new "think tank".

Then the new members held in-depth discussions on "the exploration and reform of the talent training system of service trade" in three teams in an effort to offer advice and suggestions for the further development of the school.

Yan Shiqing, secretary of CPC SISO Committee and president of SISO, said, "In the past year, as advised by the experts, SISO formulated the development strategy of internationalization and the idea of following industry development. We constructed an innovative 'stratified and pluralistic, cross-border mutual choice' curriculum system. Besides, we set up the International School to strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the schools in Southeast Asian countries, and benefited a lot from the educational and teaching internationalization."


Source:Gusu Evening
January 7, 2017


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