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Business Management


To nurture qualified professionals with an innovative mind and practical abilities, who are familiar with BPO principles, basic skills and expertise, and able to communicate fluently in English, have strong computer skills, and can meet the requirements of administration,

marketing, customer service, human resources management.


Marketing,Business Administration Practice (English,Korean), Customer Service (English), Human Resources Outsourcing( English ), E-commerce Operations ( English )

Core Courses

BPO Management and Practice, Microsoft OA Advanced Application, Business Management and Practice, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Basic Accounting, E-commerce, Business English & Korean, Chain Management, Call Center Comprehensive Training, Business Process Outsourcing Comprehensive Training, ERP Comprehensive Training, Human Resources Outsourcing Project Training.

Career Prospects

Exhibition supervisors and marketing executives, administrative assistants and office clerk, human resources directors and specialists, and customer service representatives for Europe and America, E-commerce operations specialists.


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