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Embedded Technology and Application


To nurture qualified professionals with good morality and professional ethics with the following capabilities and qualities: applied knowledge of embedded technology and mobile internet programming skills, English or Japanese, embedded system, smart phone value added service, mobile game, Internet of Things.


Internet of Things Technology , Mobile Internet Development

Core Courses

C Language Programming, Embedded System Management, Embedded Application Programming, Java

Program Designing,Smart Phone Application Programming, Android Game Design, Internet of Things Application Technology, Outsourcing Software Procedure,Outsourcing English / Japanese.

Career Prospects

The graduates are oriented to IT outsourcing enterprises, mobile telecommunication sectors, smart phone value added service related enterprises. The job responsibilities cover: embedded application development, management and maintenance, such as embedded application

development programmer, smart phone application programmer, Internet of things patent engineer, assistant enaineer in embedded technoloav suooort and maintenance.


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